Tuesday, February 10, 2015

In the beginning. . . . .

Craig and I always planned to go on a mission after retirement. It took us time to get things ready to go but now we are soon to be entering the Provo MTC (March 23, 2015) and if our Visas arrive on time, we are flying to New Zealand on March 30!

After buying a wonderful little winter home in Scottsdale, we decided it was time to sell our lovely St. Joseph home. Knowing we wouldn't be there full time to take care of it and with all our children grown, it was time to downsize. Going west was always our desire, so we bought a home in Saratoga Springs, UT. We hated leaving our good friends of 20 plus years and especially our children, Christy and Jenny and their families in Kansas City, but knew Utah was where home would be.

After getting settled in UT and taking care of other needs, it was time to start the mission paperwork. We thought it would be quick, but 6 months later we finally got our mission call to Auckland, New Zealand for our 18 month adventure! And now after all our medical exams, shots, getting passports and applying for our visas, all that is left to is making one last visit to Taylor and Crystal in Austin, TX and the Johnson's in Kansas City. We were thrilled that Jenny and Tom and their darling kids moved to Scottsdale last summer 2014 so we have been with them a lot.  The ladies here in Scottsdale are so sweet to have a luncheon in Linda's honor this coming Thurs. at Macaroni Grill. Craig and I also have talks to give in Scottsdale and in Saratoga Springs.

We report to the MTC March 23,  but we get to leave each day and sleep in our UT home til we fly away. Maybe that will give Linda more time to pack and say more goodbyes.  Our dog, Dusty, will struggle when we leave,  but we're placing him in good hands with Heather and Bryan while we are gone. He will cry a lot and maybe go into deep depression, but he will be looked after.

It will be hard to leave, but we trust in the Lord to take care of our loved ones while we are gone.  We are going to a wonderful place with friendly people and will be serving with all our hearts. Time will go too fast before we are ready to come home. It will be a wonderful time for us to share together.

Thank you to all our well-wishers and for all your thoughts and prayers! We will need all your support for sure!