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May 8, 2013

The Happy Mother's Day!!!
This is my first Mother's Day without my dear, sweet mom! She is with Dad now and I am happy for her, and I know I will see her again. She is still cheering for me, and I always feel her love and support! 
With the Lord there is always a light at the end of the tunnel! We love working with the church members teaching them about the Light of Christ and how they can repent and find great hope and light through obedience and commitment to the commandments! 

We enjoyed some golf time with the missionaries in our District on their P-day. Elder Martin loves giving them some pointers and having a little competition. Not sure who won but they all had a great time!

Maui and TK had birthdays a day apart, so I made Texas Sheet Cake and we had a party!
I bought the candles and didn't realize they were the trick ones that reignite, so we had a lot of smoke and some laughs over that! We love these boys and the whole family! 

Only tech-savie Sisters know how to fit a crowd into a selfie! Such a talent! 

Craig took this picture while I was fussing about our flat. My phone battery died last week and luckily we had found a great place to fix Apple devices, so i was without it for only 3 days! I was afraid I would have to replace it, because even though Craig has an iPhone, we need mine too! I am the chief navigator, picture taker, texter, phone caller and appointment maker. iPhones make life easier! 

I started having issues with pain in my right knee, trying to slow me down, so I got an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon here. I only waited a few weeks for the appointment and he was happy to give me a cortisone shot. I hope it does the trick and I can do cartwheels again (kidding). I have to at least keep up with my companion on our walking trail!

We had a great time with the Kata family playing mini golf! Such a fun and cute course, we will have to go back! We love sharing some of what makes our family happy with this happy family!

We are happy to welcome Marty and Gabby to beautiful New Zealand! They are loving it here and we are being good missionaries with them! We have a week of places to go and see, and it's great to build strong family ties and memories together. 

We love and miss Sister Trull! She is just over the bridge in Onehunga and we are still keeping track of her! She loves her new area and companion, Sister Holt!  Two U.S.A. Sisters working hard! 

The most perfect day ever at Piha Beach! We started the day at One Tree Hill, hiked to Kitekite (kitykity) Falls, and ended at Piha! Even though we have been to these places numerous times, we always enjoy how beautiful they are! The company we are with make it the most special!

At low tide we are able to cross the beach to explore a new area, and love this cool cavity in the rock!
It makes us think of pirates and hidden treasure!

New Zealand wards know how to celebrate Mother's Day! All the women in our ward were honored with an amazing dinner, program and dance Saturday night. The men planned it all and served (although I know for sure that some great women helped too)! 

We were presented with a lei and there was even a nursery for the children! We love all of these lovely ladies and appreciate the help and support they give us! 

On Sunday, we were given a rose to wear, thanks to our wonderful Sister Ahokovi! 
A sweet man we visit gave me a box of candy and the Sisters gave me some warm socks they rolled into a cupcake liner so it looks like a cupcake, with a lollipop sticking out for the "cherry" (so cute)! 

Mother's Day evening in Devonport, enjoying the sunset and the beauty of the ocean! 

What a great Sabbath, feeling honored to be a mother, a wife and a missionary! 

We love you and thank you for your prayers!
Elder and Sister Martin

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  1. we were again glad to hear you are so busy and happy. Thought about you while we were in San Diego. Looking forward to you coming home, but know you aren't. Keep on keeping on.