Sunday, July 10, 2016

July 10, 2016

Living away from the USA has increased our patriotism and appreciation for the choice land we come from. Even though New Zealand is a very free country and we love the people and living here, we miss our country and everything we are familiar with. 

The Book of Mormon reminds us of how choice our nation is, and we take for granted all the freedoms we enjoy. It is difficult to watch from a distance the turmoil, political strife, and suffering caused from the evil, dishonesty, pride, etc. of our people! We pray for our nation everyday!

The weather was so nice on the 4th, so we played hooky with the Baths and went to Omaha beach. The guys golfed while Sister Bath and I roamed the beach. I am finding the cutest little shells in the tide pool. 

It was a beautiful day and we loved it being at one of our favorite beaches. 

For dinner we went to Rusty Pelican and discovered it was "Burger Monday" and had a great meal. We love sitting by the fireplace to warm us up. 

Driving by downtown Auckland on our way home and to our evening appointments, we were pleased to see that New Zealand honors our Independence Day with red, white and blue lights on the Skytower! 

We had a surprise visit from Sister Nakibae and Slade. Missionaries are pros at "selfies", especially goofy ones, and anytime is the right time for a photo! 

Keeping in touch with our transferred Sisters is a priority for us. We want them to know that we still love and care about them so we drive to where they live and take them with their new companions to lunch. Sister Trull is loving her mission!

This little cutie is one of nine children in the family and his mom called him her "little Chinese son". 
We were so happy to attend his family baptism last Wednesday! Simple and sweet! 

Senior MLS Missionaries take on several roles. We are chauffeurs, teachers, child physiologists, marriage counselors, cooks, gardeners, storytellers, Internet technicians, seamstresses, repairmen, 
and much more. Depending on the day, the person, the need, we are out doing "as much good as we can do"! 

I had to resurrect my knitting skills to teach a sweet sister in a nursing home. We visit her every other week and she asked me to buy her some knitting needles and yarn so she would have something to do during the day. Happily, we returned with the supplies, no sure if she would be able to knit, but she remembered how to do it! I'm hoping to go back and find her knitted scarf completed!

We bought the DVD, "Joseph Smith, the Prophet of the Restoration", which is an hour-long movie. We showed it to about 10 families last week and love seeing it every time! It is a great tribute to Joseph Smith and an important story to tell over and over. We know that everyone who sees it has a greater love and appreciation for Joseph and the early saints!

While our men were working outside trimming the grounds, a few sisters from the Waterlea Park Ward were in the kitchen preparing lunch at the Te Puea Marae for the second time! We peeled and chopped onions and potatoes and did anything else needed for the meal? We were a small part of God's army! 

Saturday night we went to dinner with the Baths and Jackson's at Lone Star in Manukau. Then we played Hand and Foot with the Baths. The Jackson's are serving in the mission office, Sister Bath is the Mission nurse, and Elder Bath is her chauffeur and bike repair specialist! They all are dedicated and hard-working missionaries, so a day or night off is a treat! 

This is how our kids spent last week without us! They gathered from Missouri and Arizona to our home in Saratoga Springs and had the best week together! They celebrated the 4th of July with a parade, swimming and fireworks, went hiking, boating, camping, off-roading, and much more that we don't even know about! We are just thrilled that they wanted to be together. I don't see Kass in this picture, but know she was with the family most of the week. 

Family is the greatest blessing! I got a little homesick thinking about all of our kids gathered together without us, but we love our Waterlea Park Ward family here! We know the work we are doing is pleasing to the Lord and is important! We wouldn't change anything! 

We continue, with the Lord's blessing, to stay healthy and happy and committed to this work! 
Thank you for your prayers and support!!!!!

Elder and Sister Martin


  1. We enjoyed being with some of your family. It looks as if they had a great time.