Sunday, April 5, 2015

April 5, 2015

Life is good in New Zealand. We arrived on Wednesday, March 25 with no glitches and are set up in a tiny apartment, about 850 sq. ft., in a high rise building, in south Auckland. There are stores close by with everything we need, but EVERTHING is almost twice the price in the USA! We have cell phones, internet, and a car that we rent. Our apartment has a little refrigerator, a tiny oven, the smallest dishwasher ever, a washer/dryer in a big bathroom, a lumpy couch, but windows are all around and we are comfy.

Saturday, we did some exploring with the other senior couples and drove out to Piha Beach northwest of us and also hiked to the Kitekite Falls nearby. After being in the city, this area gave us an idea of how truly beautiful New Zealand really is!

We've met wonderful and friendly people out on the streets and at church. All the missionary couples live near and are very helpful. We visited with the young missionaries and are ready to get started. Easter services were wonderful with many talks and musical numbers about Jesus Christ, the Atonement and His Resurrection. We missed not being with our children, but had a good day.

Our address is : 17 Amersham Way, Manukau City 2104,  Auckland, New Zealand

I don't have photos this time because I'm trying to figure our how to post them from my Ipad. I will add some later. For now I wanted to post this so you knew we are doing great and are adjusting to life in a different country. We are just thankful they speak English here! Craig is nervously working on his driving!

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