Sunday, April 12, 2015

April, 12, 2015

                                                    Picture from last week at Piha Beach

Hike to Kitekite (pronounced kitty kitty) Falls.  

More from Piha Beach, but we don't know those women in the picture. 

 Monday, the 6th we toured around the area some so Elder (Craig) Martin could get some practice driving on the left side of the road. It has been quite a challenge for him to adjust but he's coming along fine.  I am the navigator and reminder to him to stay to the left, watch his speed (there is no 5 miles over leeway here), use his turn signal, etc. He says it takes two of us to drive for now. We ended up at another beach called Eastern Beach (below) where the "sand" is made of crushed shells. You have to know that it is Fall time here so the weather is a little too cool for swimming, although some people are swimming.We also had to check out a couple of golf courses.There are lots of them.

Elder Martin would not turn around for me.

This is a view of Eastern Beach from the houses above.

It may seem like we are in a sight-seeing mode, but we spent the rest of the week visiting people
from church and getting aquainted.  We had Family Home Evening with a darling family and taught them how to play Spoons. We have been out visiting with the Sister missionaries and they have given us names of people to visit too!  Lots to do and people to get to know. We are the only Senior couple assigned to the Manakau Stake, and although we attend one ward, there are 6 others we can work in.  Our daily routine is to get up about 7:30am, go for an hour walk, eat breakfast, dress, study a lesson and scriptures, then go to appointments. We are out a lot in the evening til about 8 or 9. The people are wonderful and friendly. It is considered rude if we don't take our shoes off before entering homes, and the women enjoy greetings with kisses and rubbing cheeks. Men kind of bump chests. American fast food places are all over here, like Burger King, McDonalds, and Subway, but it's so expensive to eat out. My favorite thing to make so far is chicken and vegetable curry dishes with rice. I can buy all these great seasoning packets for it at the store. The Mexican choices are not great, esp. the salsa. 
We are truly loving it here and we know this is where the Lord wants us to be. I know our service is welcome but I'm sure most of the growth will happen within us. We are so blessed to know our Savior and be instruments to teach His Gospel to the lovely people here in The Manukau area. 

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